Baltic ART Network

Personal Exhibition

1983 Art Foundation Salon, Vilnius
, Lithuania
1993 VARTAI gallery, Vilnius
1996 LIETUVOS AIDAS gallery, Vilnius
1996 KAUNO LANGAS gallery, Kaunas
2001 LIETUVOS AIDAS gallery, Vilnius


... She Lives and creates quietly without any fuss and self-advertising, at times participating in a joint exhibition, hardly ever attending any presentations so avidly frequented by the public. She tries to avoid pointless discussions "on art" preferring to stay alone with her painting. The present exhibition is only the 5th personal exhibition in the twenty six years of her career as a painter. After graduating from the State ART Institute (at present - Art Academy), she started participating in various exhibitions not only in Lithuania but also abroad: in Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Georgia and the Ukraine. In 1983 the artist arranged her personal exhibition, and it was only after a decade, in the year 1 993, that she ventured her second personal show in the gallery "Vartai". 1996 in the "Lietuvos Aidas" gallery invited the painter to arrange an exhibition. And this time - it's her second personal show in the same "Lietuvos Aidas" gallery. When writing an Introduction to the exhibition of Jurate Bagdonaviciute four years ago, I remember pointing to a kind of self-defence "shell" where she seems to have locked her creative "stamina". On the other hand, this voluntary separation from the surrounding world and a kind of asceticism grants the artist the freedom of creating the world of her own - the world constructed of her visions and feelings, colours and forms. The imaginary world of the artist is much more beautiful and just. The signs of the outer world either do not exist there at all or they acquire a new meaning. Moreover, the artist does not aim at "depicting". Her goal is "creating" chamber and intimate world where one feels safe and which is subject to its own laws of sweet dreams rather than those of the brutal reality. J. Bagdonaviciute does not guestion traditional concepts of painting. Her creative style subtly balances between the abstract and the decorative, elaborated by the inner powers erupting from the deeper layers of the picture. The secret of her mission lies in the unique experience presupposing the picture's composition and colours as well as the ephemeral lightness of its form, freedom of her brush stroke, gamely movement of her line, transparency of the dye. Painting aesthetics in the creative process of Jurate Bagdonaviciute plays a significant role. The "three pillars" supporting her painting are - emotion, colour and rhythm. She likes pure and clear colours, flat surfaces of the painting on which the result of an abstract image is reached by means of a few suggestive brush strokes. It shall be noted, that paintings of the recent years have acquired the features of refined elegance and perfectionism. Composure, clear understanding of the goals sought, professional maturity of Jurate Bagdonaviciute with each personal show are becoming more and more pronounced.

Danute Zoviene, art critic


Group Exhibitions

1982, 1987, 1996 Painting Triennial of the Baltic countries, Vilnius (in 1996 - among the prize-winners)
1982, 1987 The Lithuanian Art Exhibitions in Moscow, Russia
1983 Exhibition of the Young Artists, Dronningland Art Center, Denmark; Altes Museum, Berlin, Germany
1988 Exhibition of the Young Artists, Helsinki, Finland
1991 The Lithuanian Painting in Heppenheim Town-hall and in Scwetzingen chem. Invaliden Koserne, Germany
1994 Painting on Paper in GALLERY 10 LTD, Chicago, USA
1994 International Art Festival and Exhibition THE ELEMENT OF SACRED IN ART, Goethe German Institute, Salonika, Greece
1995 THE SPRING SHOW, Moscow, Russia
1997 The Lithuanian Art Exhibition Sharjah City Museum, United Arab Emirates
1999 Exhibition UNKNOWN LITHUANIAN ART OF THE XXth CENTURY, ARKA gallery, Vilnius
2000 Exhibition A PRESENT FOR MYSELF, Vilnius City-hall
2000 Plain air and Exhibition of the German, Israel and Lithuanian ARTists, Vilnius
2000 The Lithuanian Art Exhibition in Peking, China
2000 Retrospective Exhibition FUTURE AND TRADITION, Contemporary ART Center, Vilnius
2001 Exhibition ANTOLOGY OF WHITENESS in Vilnius City-hall
2001 Lithuanian Art Exhibition, Lvov, Ukraine