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About Elvyra Katalina Kriauciunaite

The painter employs a scanty choise of basic forms and secures her freedom of improvisation.The awkward chunks of shapes may not match or even overlap each other. There exists, however, a sufficient space for the rational, emotional or mnemonic scripts. Once in a while, the chunks radiate a cryptic message, a far-out cry, or show an amber inclution. It is sometimes disturbing to the very bone to experience the sawing sharpness of the teeth or an edge of the chunk or to foresee the inevitability of decline after a rise. Whatever the reflection, the instinct prompts to touch shape to read the message for the blind. From a distance, though, the structure appears sombre and stable, inviting a calm, oriental contemplation.

Works Obtained by:
Vilnius Art Museum; Ciurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas; Ciurlionis Gallery, Chicago, USA; Frederiks Shawn Museum, Denmark; Gutersloh City Library, Germany; Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia; Museum Balzeko, USA; Museum Exlibris of Malbork Castle, Poland; Museo National del Grabado, Buenos Aires, Argentina Works are also in private collections in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, USA, Canada, and other countries

Personal exhibitions

2000 Prints Art Exhibition "Huellas", Gallery "Hoy en el Arte", Buenos Aires, Argentina
1999 Exhibition of Graphic Art, Tokyo, Japan
1999 Exhibition of Graphic Art, Vainiunas House, Vilnius
1999 Exhibition "Yellow Time", I.Mikuliciutes Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
1998 "Ensemble", Gallery of Arts, Klaipeda, Lithuania
1998 Graphic Art, Nord-Est Gallery, Paris, France
1998 Print Art, Nord-Est Gallery, Auves sur Oise, France
1998 Graphic Art, Gallery "Rotunda", Vilnius
1998 Hitsuiji Gallery, Niigata, Japan
1996 Graphic works, Gallery "Baroti", Klaipeda, Lithuania
1995 Graphic works, Gallery de l'Arbitraire, Goux-Dole, France
1995 "Archetypes", Romein Gallery, Leuwarden, the Netherlands
1995 "Instant", aquarelle, Gallery "Vartai", Vilnius
1995 Graphic works, Gallery "Vartai", Vilnius
1995 Water-colours "Instants", Gallery "Vartai", Vilnius
1994-1995 "Petals of Spell", Hand made Paper Exhibition, Gallery "Lietuvos Aidas", Vilnius
1993 Graphic works, Liam Martin Gallery, Haarlem, the Netherlands
1992 "Back to Black Silence", Gallery "Vartai", Vilnius
1992 Graphic works, DIJK Gallery, Alkmaar, the Netherlands
1991 Graphic works on paper, House of Art, Vilnius
1990 "White", Gallery "Arka", Vilnius
1984 Exhibition "Observatory", Moletai, Lithuania
1982, 1991 Exhibition "House of Art", Vilnius

Group exhibitions

2000 Lithuanian Graphic Art Exhibition, National Museum of Graphic Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2000 Lilla Europa 2000. 1st Biennial of small painting and Printmaking, Hallsberg & Orebro, Sweden
2000 Exlibris Competition "M.K.Ciurlionis 125", Mazvydas Library, Vilnius
2000 10 Anniversary of Gallery de l'Arbitraire, Goux-Dole, France
1999 Paper Art Exhibition "Perloja'99", Gallery "Kaire-Desine", Vilnius
1999 Lithuanian Graphic Art, Gallery "Kaire-Desine", Vilnius
1999 International Small Engraving Salon Carbunar, Florean Museum, Romania
1999 International Biennial of Graphic Art, Sarcelles, France
1999 International Biennial of Graphic Art, Frederikstad, Norway
1999 2nd International Symposium Hand made Paper. "Perloja'99", Perloja, Lithuania (Organizer)
1999 10th International Print Biennial, Gallery Banska Bystrica, Varna, Bulgaria
1999 "Papier cadeon" Intarnational Exhibition of Miniatures, Gallery de l'Arbitraire, Goux-Dole, France
1999 "Night of Tango" , Gallery "Kaire-Desine", Vilnius
1998 International Folding Fan Exhibition, Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan
1998 Graphic Art Exhibition "Adventure", Gallery "Kaire-Desine", Vilnius
1998 100 year … Rops-Namen-Belgium
1998 "Labyrinth", Inter-Kontakt-Grafik, 2nd International Triennial of Prints, Prague, Czech Republic
1997 World Small Print-Stamps Triennial, Chamalieres, France
1997 International Triennial of Graphic Arts, Krakow, Torun, Poland
1997 International Print Triennial "Colour in graphic Art", Torun'97, Poland
1997 International Graphic Art Biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1997 International Graphic Art Biennial, Bilota, Macedonia
1997 International Exlibris Triennial, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
1997 International Exhibition of Miniatures, Cadaques, Spain
1997 Group Exhibition "Talking Metal-2", Lithuania
1997 Exhibition of the Lithuanian Art, Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates
1997 Exhibition of Lithuanian Graphic Art, Embassy of Lithuania Republic, Warsaw, Poland
1997 Exhibition of Lithuanian Graphic Art, Academy of Art, Krakow, Poland
1997 Czech, Lithuanian and Japanese Graphic Art, Hamamtsu Gallery, Jita City Museum, Nagano, Tatsuno Art Museum, Yurin-Kan in Kiryn in Nagano, Gumma, Japan
1997 Competition of Exlibris "In memoriam J.Bielinis 150", Lithuania
1997 6th Book Illustration Triennial Vilnius'97, Vilnius
1997 1st International Symposium Hand made Paper. "Perloja'97", Perloja, Lithuania (Organizer)
1997 "Tradition and Experiment", Print Exhibition, Gallery "Kaire-Desine", Vilnius
1996 Republican Exlibris Exhibition, Gallery of Medals, Vilnius
1996 International Exlibris Biennial, Malbork, Poland
1996 Graphic Art of Lithuania, Czech and Japanese Artists, Meguro Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1996 Exhibition of the Vilnius Graphic Center, Gallery "Kaire-Desine", Vilnius
1996 Anniversary Exhibition "Vartams - 5", Gallery "Vartai", Vilnius
1996 2nd Mini Graphic Biennial, Gallery "Arka", Vilnius
1995 International Planer (Symposium) Hand made Paper, Sczcecin, Poland
1995 International Graphic Art Triennial, Frederikstad, Norway
1995 3rd International Graphic Art Biennial, State Museum, Gyor, Hungary
1995 "Print-Stamp'95", Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
1995 "Lithuanian Art'95", Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
1995 "Exlibris Biennial of the Baltic States", National Gallery, Vilnius
1995 "Engraving for the Feast", Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Japan
1994 World Small Print-Stamps Triennial, France
1994 Neue Grafik aus Litauen, Himmelreich Gallery, Magdeburg, Germany
1994 International Book Art Triennial, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
1994 Group Exhibition "Talking Metal-1", Vilnius ART Palace, Vilnius Exhibition of Contemporary Lithuanian Print Art in Cultural Center "Recoleta", Buenos Aires, Argentina
1994 Christmas Exhibition, Gallery "Langas", Vilnius
1994 "Face a Face", International Miniatures Exhibition, Belgium
1993 The First International Print Biennial, Maastricht, the Netherlands
1993 Biennial Baltisk Grifik, Nu-Dalarmas Museum, Falu, Finland
1992 International Graphic Art Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia
1992 International Exlibris Biennial, Malbork, Poland
1991, 1993 Miniart Biennial, Sussekulen, Sweden
1991, 1993 Male Formy Grafiki (Little Forms of Graphic Art), Lodz, Poland
1991, 1993 International Miniprint Exhibition, Juniper Gallery, Napa, California, USA
1991 Triennial Mondial d'Estampes Petit Format, Chamalieres, France
1991 "Art of Today", Budapest, Hungary
1990, 1992 Exhibitions of Contemporary Lithuanian Print Art: Montevideo (Uruguay, 1990), Chicago (USA, 1990), Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1992), Liege (Belgium, 1992)
1990 Minigrafika Triennial, Riga, Latvia
1990 Miniature Annuale at the Toronto del Bello Gallery, Canada
1990 International Symposium of Miniatures, Dzintari, Latvia
1985 International Graphic Workshop, Creative House of Palanga, Lithuania
1976 International Graphic Workshop, Creative House "Senezas", Russia
1971 International Workshop, Creative House of Palanga "Daile", Lithuania
1970 International Workshop, Creative House "Senezas", Russia


1999 Grant of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for organization of the 2nd International Paper Symposium
1997 Grant of Modern Art Center of Sorosas fondation
1997 Mention of Jury at the Exlibris Competition "Pro Loco Di Roccalbegna", Italy
1996-1997 State Grant of the Highest Degree, Lithuania
1996 1 Premium on Exhibition "Paper Fantasies" Exhibition Hall, Vilnius
1995 Diploma at the Exlibris Biennial of Baltic States, Vilnius
1994 Grant of Modern Art Center of Sorosas fondation
1994 Diploma at the International Book Art Exhibition, Vilnius
1993 Prize of the Theatre Critics
1993 Prize of the Lithuanian Youths Theatre
1993 Prize of the Lithuanian Techniques Library
1993 Prize of the Lithuanian International Theatre Festival "Life" of International Exlibris Competition "Theatre and Life"
1993 Nominated Artist in the 1st International Graphic Biennial, Maastricht'93
1993 Medal in International Biennial Miniprint and Exlibris, Ostrow Wielkopolski
1991 Oberon Gallery Purchase Award in the 1st International Miniprint Exhibition, California
1991 2nd Prize at the International Exlibris Competition "580 Anniversary Zalgiris Battle"
1987 Diploma at the International Minigrafika Triennial, Riga, Latvia
1987 Diploma and "Periodika" Prize of the Book ART Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania
1980 2nd Prize at the 1st International Exlibris Competition "Vilnius-Metropolis-Lithuania"
1971 Medal of Honour at Exlibris Biennial, Malbork, Poland
1961 2nd Prize at the Exlibris Competition "450 Anniversary of Library University of Vilnius
Young Artist Grant, Senege, Russia