Gintaras    GESEVIČIUS


Selected personal exhibitions

1979 Landscape Compositions. The Gallery of Applied Art, Vilnius, Lithuania
1987 Graphic Art. The Art Collectors Gallery. Mexico, Mexico
1991 Paintings. The LAA Gallery "Arka". Vilnius, Lithuania
1992 Paintings. The Days of Lithuanian Culture. St. Petersburg, Russia
1992 Paintings. The Gallery of Lithuanian Culture Fund. Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 Paintings. The Private Orch Gallery. Orch, Denmark
1997 Paintings. The Gallery "Naujieji Skliautai". Vilnius, Lithuania
1998 Paintings. The LAA Kaunas Gallery. Kaunas, Lithuania
1999 Paintings. Vilnius Town Hall. Vilnius, Lithuania
1999 Paintings. The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vilnius, Lithuania
1999 Paintings. The LAA Gallery "XX". Panevezys, Lithuania
2000 Paintings. The Gallery "Baroti". Klaipeda, Lithuania
2001 Paintings. The Gallery "Akcija M". Moletai, Lithuania
2002 Paintings. The Gallery "Arka". Vilius, Lithuania

Selected group exhibitions

1987-88 The International exhibition "The Contemporary Art 2". Budapest, Hungary
1989 The 1st Lithuanian Art Exhibition in Northern Countries. Gothenburg, Sweden
1991 The Lithuanian Art Exhibition-Auction. Chikago, USA
1991 The International Graphic Art triennial. Krakow, Poland
1992 Litauwen'92. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1993 The Lithuanian Graphic Art Exhibition. Liege, Belgium
1994 The Project: Mostra D'Arte in via Margutta. Rome, Italy
1997 The Lithuanian Art. Shardsha, UAE
1997 The Riga International Water-colour Art Triennial. Riga, Latvia
1999 The Contemporary Lithuanian Painting. Ankara, Turkey
1999 The IXth Vilnius International Painting Plein air. Vilnius, Lithuania
2000 Paintings "Group A". Vilnius, Lithuania
2001 Vilnius' Painters Exhibition. Vilnius, Lithuania
2003 Paintings "Group A". Vilnius, Lithuania
2003 Periphrasis. Turkish Ceramics and Lithuanian Painting Exhibition. Gallery "Academia" Vilnius, Lithuania

Main awards

1985 The Diploma and the Premium of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for the theatre Poster
1986 The Premium of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for the Poster
1987 The Special Premium in Poster Competition. Moscow, Russia
1988 The Premium of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for the Poster
1989 The Diploma in the 8th International Poster Biennial. Lahti, Finland
1992 The Special Premium in Baltic Poster Exhibition. Vilnius, Lithuania
1992 GRAND PRIX in Baltic Poster Exhibition. Vilnius, Lithuania