Jaroslavas ROKICKIS

Baltic ART Network

Personal exhibitions

1995 Painting. Polish art gallery, Vilnius
1996 Painting, graphic, computer graphic. Gallery "Skliautai", Vilnius
1997 Graphic. "Motives of Sprin". Polish art gallery, Vilnius
1998 Painting. Exposition hall of artists union, Vilnius
1999 Painting. Exposition hall of culture house of Naujoji Vilnia, Vilnius

Group exhibitions

1994 Painting. "Motives of Vilnius". Polish art gallery, Vilnius
1995 Painting. "Galery present"
. Modern art center, Vilnius
1996 Painting. "Landscape of Lithuania"
. Exposition hall of Ministry of Education and Culture, Vilnius
1996 Painting. "Action". Warsva, Poliand
1997 Painting. "Motives of Vilnius". Gallery "Arka", Vilnius
1998 Graphic. "Exibition of miniature". Gallery "Left, Right ", Vilnius
1998 Computer graphic. "Consonanses". Chikago, USA
1999 Painting. "New face". House of artists, Vilnius