Algimantas JUSIONIS

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Selected Personal Exhibitions

1999 Paintings. The "Vincent" Gallery. Hamburg, Germany
1998 Paintings. The Gallery "Rozu Laukums". Liepoja, Latvia
1997 Paintings. The Picture Gallery. Klaipeda, Lithuania
1996 Paintings. The Artists' Palace. Vilnius, Lithuania
1993 Paintings. The Gallery of "Baltija" Hotel. Kaunas, Lithuania
1992 Paintings. The "Bohema" Gallery. Klaipeda, Lithuania
1991 Paintings. The Exhibition Hall. Klaipeda, Lithuania
1985 Paintings. The Culture House. Klaipeda, Lithuania

Selected Group Exhibitions

1999 The Group "The Individualists" in the Lithuanian Embassy, London, Great Britain
1999 The Group "The Individualists" in the Lithuanian Embassy, Berlin, Germany
1999 "The Unknown Lithuanian Art of XX Century". Vilnius, Lithuania
1999 "Lübeck ABC", The Gallery "B". Lübeck, Germany
1999 The Group "The Individualists" Paintings'99. Vilnius, Lithuania
1998 "Suitcases" C Line Project. Kotka, Finland
1997 The Group "The Individualists" exhibition. Klaipeda, Lithuania
1997 The Lithuanian Graphic Art. Seinajoki, Finland
1994 The Lithuanian Paintings. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1989 "Sea Ecology ". Klaipeda, Lithuania
1988 "Artists from Klaipeda". Havana, Cuba
1988 "Conceptual Art" exhibition. Klaipeda, Lithuania
1985, 86, 87 the Republican Painting Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania

The Grants

1999 The Budenbrock House Grant of Lübeck the Hansa town