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Professional ceramic artist.
Graduated in ceramic art from State Institute of Art (now - Vilnius Academy of Art) in 1977.
Participates in foreign and Lithuanian exhibitions since 1978.
Took part in 26 art review exhibitions in Lithuania, 16 international exhibitions, 16 group exhibitions, 7 two artists' exhibitions (together with ceramic artist, wife Džiuljeta Gudelytė-Raudonienė), 6 ceramic symposiums.
Creates for private interior since 1997.
Works are in Lithuanian Art Museum, Oslo Art Museum of Applied Art (Norway) and private collections.
Member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association since 1983.
Creates art works together with Džiuljeta Gudelytė-Raudonienė on them of protection of nature. In creative work refuses details of minor importance, looks for generalization, monumental forms, synthesis of art and craft, unity of ceramics art, carries out private orders.
Works with materials: white shamotte (kiln till 1300 degree temperature), local clay (low degree temperature).

More about author http://www.tdaile.lt