Remigijus JUSIONIS

Baltic ART Network


was born in Vilnius, Lithuania.
graduated Vilnius Art Academy, Department of Scenography.


Personal Exhibition
Group Exhibition

I like ancient urban motives, the blend of abstract and realistic. I like elegance and bright and loud colours, gold and silver in my paintings. Some bigger works are as follows; historical series consisting of 10 large format paintings, paintings for the gun shop, a bank, several flats. Many works have been sold to people abroad: Finland, Russia, Germany, USA, Israel, and Italy


Index JusRem01

Mixed technique, koliazas, 120x65 cm, 120x65 cm, 110x130 cm

Price 150, 150, 190 USD
Index JusRem02

Sand Castles
Oil, board of the sea, koliazas, 70x60 cm, 60x50 cm

Price 100 USD each  
Index JusRem03

Yards of Vilnius
Mixed technique, 50x60 cm

Price 100 USD each  
Index JusRem04

Gothic in Background of Panorama
Mixed technique, gilding, 90x70 cm

Price 100 USD each  
Index JusRem05

Oil, acryl, 140x70 cm

Price 175 USD each  
Index JusRem06

Pillar of Gediminas
Oil, acryl, enamel, 210x95 cm

Index JusRem07

Vilnius like Athenes
Oil, acryl, gilding, 60x50 cm

Price 125 USD  
Index JusRem08

Mixed technique, vinilo ploksteles, acryl, gilding, 65x48 cm

Price 75 USD  
Index JusRem09

Ground of the Sea
Board of the mahogany, oil, 90x100 cm

Price 200 USD  
Index JusRem10

Blue Spit of Kurshes with Gothical Bildings
70x92 cm, 70x92 cm

Price 125 USD each  
Index JusRem11

Interior, exterior of St. John Church
60x50 cm

Price 115 USD  
Index JusRem12

Venece trouth the Window
Mixed technique, 62x78 cm

Price 125 USD