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Selected Personal Exhibitions

1998 Drawings exhibition "ex nihilo", Điauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania
2000 Graphic object "Valde Pijus Amorfinis", Điauliai ART Gallery, Lithuania

2001 Drawings exhibition "ex nihilo", Gallery "Kairë-Deđinë", Vilnius, Lithuania

Selected Group Exhibitions

1997 SMD
Anniversary exhibition, dedicated to 30th Anniversary of Điauliai ART department, Siauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania
1998 Exhibition of Parnu, Jelgava and Điauliai painters, Jelgava, Latvia
1999 Exhibition- laboratory "View and Sound", Siauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania
1999 Exhibition of Điauliai painters "Drawing and Material", Điauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania
2000 39th Exhibition of Điauliai painters, Điauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania
2000 Exhibition "Another Photography", Điauliai ART Gallery, Lithuania
2000 Exhibition "Signs in Paper", Điauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania
2000 Exhibition of alternative photography of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Riga, Latvia
2000 Exhibition of young artists"Turn", Điauliai ART Gallery, Lithuania

Other Exhibitions

1997 Drawings exhibition in caffe "Goblin" ("Kaukas"), Điauliai, Lithuania
Pastel exhibition in center of St. George community
, Điauliai, Lithuania