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Born: 1947
in Akhalkalak, Georgia. Descends from a family of professional artists. Moved to Yerevan to study fine arts.
Education: 1971
graduated from the Yerevan Higher Fine-Theatrical ARTs Institute, Department of Painting.
1968-1969 participated for the first time in a collective state exhibition of the Union of Artists and Sculptures of Armenia, as a non-member participant.
From 1973 worked as a painter at the Department of Painting in the Union of Plastic Artists of Soviet Armenia.
was granted the encouragement prize of the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Plastic Artists of Soviet Armenia for his various works of art.
1985-86 designed and accomplished huge ornamental metal monuments for public squares in Armenia.
designed and accomplished, in collaboration with his brothers Raffi, Sempad and Levon, a huge ceramic art work for government buildings in Volgodonsk in Russia.



Index MegSer01

The Donkey Cart. 1999
Canvas, oil, 90x110 cm

Price 2000 USD
Index MegSer02

King - Queen. 1987
Canvas, oil, 60x70 cm

Price 2000 USD  
Index MegSer03

Angels. 1998
Canvas, oil, 110x130 cm

Price 2000 USD  
Index MegSer04

On the Way. 1999
oil, 80x100 cm

Price 2000 USD  
Index MegSer05

Vision. 1981
oil, 65x55 cm

Price 2000 USD