Vytautas ŠVARLYS

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Was born in 1943.
graduated from the Lithuanian Institute of Art in Vilnius.
From 1972 he has taken part in Republic Exhibitions and all-union Exhibitions.
From 1981 he is a
member of Lithuanian Artists' Association.
He has applied many works in premises, architectural buildings, also for governmental offices, churches and other places.


Some works may be found in private collections in USA, Canada, France, Germany and Russia.


Index SvaVyt01
Deliverance. 2000
Staned glass, Vlinius, 200x250 cm

Index SvaVyt02
Sacrifice. 1999
Staned glass, church in Varėna, 500x150 cm
Index SvaVyt03
Christ's Pain. 1995
Staned glass, church in Kaltinėnai, 120x250 cm
Index SvaVyt04
Touch of Angel. 1999
Staned glass, church in Varėna, 500x150 cm
Index SvaVyt05
Tree. 1994
Staned glass, student's outpatient clinic in Vilnius, 80x60 cm
Index SvaVyt06
Tree of Life. 1990
Staned glass, sanatorium in Birštonas, 350x550 cm
Index SvaVyt07
Altar. 1999
Staned glass, church in Šalčininkai, 570x450 cm
Index SvaVyt08
St. Maria - Tutoress of Lithuania. 1998
Staned glass, church in Vilnius, 550x250 cm
Index SvaVyt09
Birth. Christening. 1998
Staned glass, church in Vilnius, 500x250 cm
Index SvaVyt10
Symphony. 1972
Staned glass, B.Dvarionas children's music school in Vilnius, 550x350 cm
Index SvaVyt11
Decorative Composition. 1995
Staned glass, bank "Hermis" in Vilnius, 150x150 cm
Index SvaVyt12
Resurrection. 1998
Staned glass, church in Krekenava, 400x350 cm
Index SvaVyt13
Morning Song. 2000
Staned glass, Vilnius Economics College, 65x130 cm
Decorative Composition. 1985
Staned glass, Administrative building of communal economy in Birštonas, 250x550 cm
Index SvaVyt14