Personal Activity

Animated films:
"Riddle" (prize in Minsk XVIII film festival, 1984).
"Cosmic story" other "Tomorrow at 11 o'clock", 1985. (Prize for originality script in film festival Alma-Ata).
"Jurate and Kastytis", 1989;
"Light of happiness", 1990;
"Paper town" 1991; "Who lies better", 1992;
"That unfeeling robot", 1993;
"Nightmare dream", 1995;
"The Spaceport professor's cricket", 1996;
"Umbrella", 1997;
"Flower artist", 1998;
"In Alien time", 2000;
"Open, Sesame" (Audience Prize - International Shot Film Festival, Siena, Italy), 2001;
"Almost a vampire and a baby", 2002.

Cycles in graphic of etching art:
"On themes of Lithuanian folk songs"
"Metamorphoses of the sky" (II prize in the fourth Triennial of Graphic arts in Tallinn);
diploma in the sixth exhibition of art in Moscow),
"Applause", exhibited in personal exhibition in Tallinn), 1980; ("Interpretation of the cosmic world'').

Etching art:
"Evolution" III and II. (Exhibited in the sixth International Biannual of graphic arts in Germany, Freshen 1980;);
III International Biannual RACIBORZ, 2000, Poland.
Etching "Once in a blue moon". III International Triennial of Graphic art. 2000, BITOLA.
"Heaven knows" (International Who's Who of professional and business women, Seventh edition 2000)
International print Triennial - CRACOW, Poland.2. - Directory of print edition 2000m.
"First International biennial of mini prints - TETOVO-2001, Macedonia". "Promises".
Illustration of book by proof. S. Pileckis, Lithuanian beetles, 1973. Fairy-tale, verses, story, author E. Volodkevičiūtė, "Ruta and umbrella to look to disappear snow", 1995.
"Zodiac sing", 1997. "Drawing picture or cat art lessons", "Flowers artist", 1997. "Umbrella adventure", 1998.
International, 2001. D'Arte "10x10x10". Siena, Italy.
2001-2003 m. of the Republic of Lithuania state Ministry of Culture grant. Personal - exhibition in Vilnius 2002. "Spring Film Festival" in Vilnius 2002, ("Almost a vampire and a baby".) International animated film "KROK 2002." "Spring Film Festival" in Vilnius 2003, "The knights out of gold the town." "KROK 2004.''- Nest Remezes''. Certificate "Business for stability of creativity as directions Animated Film". "International print Triennial - CRACOW, Poland.3." - 2003m Directory of print edition.2003m. 2004m. of the Republic of Lithuania state Ministry of Culture grant. The 11h international biennial print and drawing exhibition 2003,R.O. S. (" Planet Hurricane" etching, silk screen, linocut 51,5 x 73,2 cm. 2002m. this Certificate is Presented to Nijole Valadkevici?t? in the Print Category. Jan 17. 2004. International Animated Film Festival (TINDIRINDIS) in Vilnius 2003. Certificate "Business for stability of creativity as directions Animated Film". (TINDIRINDIS) in Vilnius 2004." Production Lithuanian Film studio animated film "Nest Remezes." Animated film "Nest Remezes."