Aurelija    VOSYLIENĖ


For me Art is expression of my emotions... Art must show invisible part of the World.
1969 was born in Vilnius, Lithuania
1976-1988 studied at high school, Vilnius
1988 graduated from Vilnius ART School and finished four years course.
Since 1995 Aurelija works in National defence structure. She is a sergeant of Military police, and CIMIC specialist.

Personal exhibitions:
2001 Paintings, Hall of cinema "Vilnius", Vilnius, Lithuania
2003 Paintings, cultural centre of Vilnius Garrison of Defence Ministry of Lithuania.


Poppy field. 2003
Oil on canvas, 60x70 cm
Index VosAur01
For sale (bargain price)
Desert. 2003
Oil on canvas, 49x70 cm
Index VosAur02
For sale (bargain price)
Sea. 2003
Oil on wood, 50x40 cm
Index VosAur03
For sale (bargain price)
Explosion. 2003
Oil on wood, 50x40 cm
Index VosAur04
For sale (bargain price)