Elena Shugaeva


Was born in 1979. Plane was first my transport in infancy. My body is speedless since that. Rush games, bruises the boyish girl. I began my chronology in 14-teen years at home-yard parties. In 16-teen years I felt myself thirsty of creativity and knowledge. This was time of self-identification. I got inquisitive under my own initiative - books about art, hand-made articles, some circles in out-of-class time, and individual lessons of drawing. I drew on fields of writing-books to feel and understand things and subjects I deal with. I have tender feelings for city of Kaunas where I live 5 years already. Studies in the supreme-art school on branch of a glass. One day I was on a visit to glass-factory, and stayed there. To conjure with transparent rich mass of glass. To seize secrets of ancient skill. Than and now I am engaged.