Jurgita Gerlikaitė is a young artist actively participating in cultural life in Lithuania and abroad.

J. Gerlikaite has graduated her studies of Art History & Theory from Vilnius Art Academy. She has studied Graphic Art with Žibuntas Mikšys and Printmaking in Reykjavik. Of utmost importance to the formation as an artist and of her ways of expression were her studies with Danish artist and author Henrik Bøegh in Printmaker’s Experimentarium of Copenhagen. Here she had an opportunity to learn non-toxic intaglio, photopolymer film and digital techniques first hand. Also worked at a studio in The Factory of Art & Design in Copenhagen in 2003-2006.
Jurgita Gerlikaitė is participating in art exhibitions since 1995. Member of Lithuanian Artists Association since 2006.



City in a desert. 2004.
Photopolymer film, collage. 35x48 cm
  Index GerJur010
Private collection
City. 1995.
Litography, etching, dry point. 50x39 cm
  Index GerJur009
Private collection
Dance. 2007.
Decotex print. 82x60 cm
  Index GerJur008
For sale
Own space. 2007.
Decotex print. 82x60 cm
  Index GerJur007
For sale
Secret Worlds. 2007.
Decotex print. 70x64 cm
  Index GerJur006
For sale
Symphony. 2006.
Canvas, acryl. 120x150 cm
  Index GerJur005
For sale
Sounds. 2004.
Mixed technique. 68x53 cm
  Index GerJur004
For sale
Streams. 2007.
Decotex print. 82x60 cm
  Index GerJur003
For sale
Vernal Equinox. 2007
Decotex print. 65x54 cm
  Index GerJur002
For sale
Poise. 2004.
Photopolymer film, collage, 68x53 cm
  Index GerJur001
For sale