Konstantinas    ŽARDALEVIČIUS


Born 1955.

1975-1982     Kaunas, Vilnius, St. Petersburg Schools of Arts, privately sets of lectures

The World is magical explosive Dream. We get the Power to try to get to know it, to change it or to awaken from it…
Permanent recent works exposition open in the Raudondvaris Castle, since 1993 Up to the day more than 3000 of my works are in different countries in different private collections.

Calendar. 2002.
Oil. MDI on canvas, 200x150 cm
  Index ZarKon01
For sale (bargain price)
Chess. 2003.
Oil. MDI on canvas. 150x480 cm.
  Index ZarKon58
For sale (bargain price)
Earth. 2003.
Oil. MDI on canvas. 120x150 cm.
  Index ZarKon03
For sale (bargain price)
Fairy-tail II. 2000.
Oil. MDI on canvas. 90x115cm.
  Index ZarKon04
For sale (bargain price)
From the Encyclopedia of Birds. 2000.
Oil. MDI on canvas. 120x160 cm.
  Index ZarKon05
For sale (bargain price)
Heaven. 2002.
oil. MDI on canvas. 80x120cm.
  Index ZarKon06
For sale (bargain price)
Shining. 1994-1997.
Oil. MDI on canvas. 100x60cm.
  Index ZarKon07
For sale (bargain price)
Space of Ideas. 2000.
Oil. MDI on canvas. 150x200 cm.
  Index ZarKon08
For sale (bargain price)
Universe (Sign of the Zodiac). 1-12 2003.
Oil. MDI on canvas. 60x1080 cm.
  Index ZarKon09
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