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Born in 1978, Vilnius, Lithuania
1989-1998    Graphic art specialty, Republican M.K.Čiurlionis Gymnasium of Art
1998-2002   Bachelor degree in Arts; Monumental Art Department, Vilnius Academy of Fine Art
2002-2004   Master degree in Arts; UNESCO Cultural Policy and Cultural Management Chair, Vilnius Academy of Fine Art
“Artist Rūta Jakaitytė is taking her own way – increasingly lightening colour, lucid, transparent layers and neat forms. The most important being a man. Human beings. A child, women, a man and a woman… Relations and, more precisely, what is yet pending relationship, what is just the beginning, touch before the touch. A moment while nothing has happened yet, but it has already started. Nudity here bares a meaning of purity and shadows here are turning into flowers. A bit of beauty. A bit of secret. A bit of tension. It is nearly the moods of Bible stories when everything is spotted-on, not loaded with certain literary details and the author’s foresights, the purified felling, like the first touch, are unfolded to the viewer.”

by Rita Pauliukevičiūtė,
Museologist, Lithuanian National Museum

The Wait. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 27x20 cm
  Index JakRut001
Not for sale
Resurrection. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 105x150 cm
  Index JakRut002
For sale
Solomon. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 165x80 cm
  Index JakRut003
For sale
Sulamita. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 165x80 cm
  Index JakRut004
For sale
Alone. 2001.
Oil on canvas, 120x185 cm
  Index JakRut005
For sale
Starkid. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 100x150 cm
  Index JakRut006
Light dreams. 2006.
Oil on canvas, 150x75 cm
  Index JakRut007
For sale
With Butterfly. 2004.
Oil on canvas, 150x108 cm
  Index JakRut008
For sale
Kinwoman. 2004.
Oil on canvas, 150x60 cm
  Index JakRut009
For sale
Flowers in Love with a People. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 150x75 cm
  Index JakRut010
For sale
The Garden. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 20x27 cm
  Index JakRut011
For sale
Sulamita II. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 20x15 cm
  Index JakRut012
For sale
Bathing. 2000.
Oil on canvas, 22x22 cm
  Index JakRut013
Not for sale
Icewoman. 2000.
Oil on canvas, 85x85 cm
  Index JakRut014
For sale
Trawl. 2000.
Oil on canvas, 80x100 cm
  Index JakRut015
For sale
In the Meadow. 2006.
Oil on canvas, 75x105 cm
  Index JakRut016
For sale
The Boat. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 40x27 cm
  Index JakRut017
For sale
Guess My Name. 2003.
Oil on canvas, 85x60 cm
  Index JakRut018
For sale
In the Water. 2002.
Oil on canvas, 85x85 cm
  Index JakRut019
For sale
The Sun and Clouds. 2005.
Oil on canvas, 40x27 cm
  Index JakRut020
For sale