art 2001/1

Adomas Jacovskis

Adomas Jacovskis.
Juodas kvadratas.
Drobë, aliejus, 110x90, 1995

Adomas Jacovskis. Scenografija I.Stravinskio baletui Đventasis pavasaris, 2000

Adomas Jacovskis. Scenografija G.Verdi operai Makbetas, 1995

Adomas Jacovskis: Theatre Speaking in Images

by Helmutas Đabasevičius

The diverse and professional works by the set designer Adomas Jacovskis created during more than two decades have made a valuable contribution to the development of contemporary Lithuanian theatre. The time when he created his first set designs coincided with the beginning of a fairly distinct period of modernization of Lithuanian theatre in the late 1970’s, and his work made a distinct influence on this process. Jacovskis’ works showed a determined departure from the illustrative function of the set designer’s work, – the set designer was acquiring more rights in the theatre, and the concept of performance as a kind of art that speaks in images was gaining ground. Jacovskis created the visual texture of his performances from objects associated with the dramaturgy of the performance by intuitive links; however, he avoided illustrating concrete points of the dramatic action and sought to find a generalized solution. Since 1994 Jacovskis collaborates with the theatre director Rimas Tuminas. The set designs for Tuminas’ performances „Smile upon Us, Lord“, „Masquerade“, „Oedipus Rex“ and „Maria Stuart“ became the classics of Lithuanian theatre not only because of the director’s interpretation, but also thanks to their original visual solution. The latest joint work by Tuminas and Jacovskis at the Vilnius Small Theatre is the comedy „Finance Inspector“ by Nikolaj Gogol. Jacovskis works not only in Lithuanian, but also in foreign theatres, which testifies to the international recognition that he won by his original and innovative attitude to the stage art. The artist was granted the National Award of Culture and Art of Lithuania.