art 2001/1

Surasi Kusolwong.
Instaliacija Happy Berlin (Free Massage), 2001

Kutlug Ataman.
Videoinstaliacija Never My Soul, 2001

Šiuolaikinio meno instituto Kunst–Werke Berlin kiemas parodos atidarymo dieną, balandžio 20-ąją

Art Massage

at the 2nd Berlin Biennial

by Kristina Inčiūraitė

The curator of the 2nd Berlin Biennial (BB2), director of De Appel Saskia Bos emphasized the abstract character of this event. She renounced a common theme and concept, as, in her opinion, personal theories would limit and undermine new artistic ideas and tendencies. “One can feel the artists’ attempts to combine efforts, to approach the audience and society. These movements are laying a new foundation – research in other fields of activity is getting deeper and more personal”. However, these rather populist statements about the process of contemporary art provoke ambiguity. On the one hand, the aspect of combining efforts and communication is encouraged; on the other, in the artistic space it makes sense only as much as it leads to individuality, a kind of “relaxation” autism. The symbolic field of an artwork becomes totally independent – it maintains the personal creative ideology which is not subordinated to the dominant artistic system (in this case – that of the BB2 curator). The reason is simple: artists create individual models of communication, which make one doubt the success of communication rather than encourage it.