art 2001/1

Vilija Balčiūnienė.
Šamotinis molis, 50x45x20, 1994

Jūratė Stauskaitė.
Rytinė mankšta.
Sausa adata, 32,5x37, 1996.
Paroda „Estampo dešimtmetis“, galerija „Kairė-Dešinė“

Onutė Grigaitė.
Mėlyni žodžiai.
Šamotinis molis, 145x108x24, 1993
Paroda „Tarptautinių Panevėžio keramikos simpoziumų lietuviška kolekcija“, „Arkos“ galerija

A Utopian or Real Vision of the National Gallery of 20th Century Art

Ieva Pleikienė

This spring was the third in a row when exhibitions of the project of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union “Unknown Art of the Last Decade of the 20th Century” were held in various galleries. They aim to become the basis of the national gallery of 20th century art. The organizer of the project, the Artists’ Union, is concerned that during the last decade, when the attitude of the state and society to art, artists and their works has radically changed, the fate of a large part of the cultural heritage of the 20th century has become vague. It is likely that this heritage will sink into total oblivion: state museums do not buy works by contemporary artists for their collections, the larger part of exhibitions take place in private galleries, but not all artists can hold them due to the lack of funding. Those that actually take place can offer only a fragmentary view of the contemporary Lithuanian art scene. Numerous artworks are sold to private collectors and “hidden” from the general audience. It is a noteworthy fact that the Artists’ Union noticed the threat posed by this situation and took steps to correct it.
The project of “Unknown Art” raises and emphasizes the important problems of art of the end of the last century. On the other hand, it is a good way to keep the idea of the national gallery of 20th century art alive.