art 2001/2

Robertas Antinis. Akcija Dengianti plokštuma. 1990

Robertas Antinis. Akcija Neregys. 1990

Česlovas Lukenskas. Instaliacija Persižvaigždžiavimas. 1990

Grupė „Post Ars“. Landšafto regeneravimo projektas Partitūra. 1993

Grupė „Post Ars“. Instaliacija Vismatis. 1994

The Group Post Ars

by Alfonsas Andriuškevičius

In 1990 Kaunas once again became the temporary capital of the Lithuanian avant-garde art. That year was marked by two events: Aleksas Andriuškevičius, Robertas Antinis and Česlovas Lukenskas held an exhibition of installations in the hall of the Artists’ Union; the same artists established the group Post Ars. Since World War II the Lithuanian art world has not experienced such a commotion as the one created by this exhibition.
Post Ars is a collective rather than individual artistic action; as a group it can be attributed to post-modern gatherings along with the groups Žalias lapas and Akademinio pasiruošimo grupė. First of all, they do not try to produce “eternal” objects; their prerogative is process and temporality. Secondly, not seeking physical endurance, these artists most often use materials that can be easily deconstructed and are subject to destruction and entropy: earth, water, glass and all kinds of rubbish. Thirdly, this group and its individual members (above all Aleksas Andriuškevičius) were probably the first in Lithuania to make extensive use of verbal texts (in the field of art!) Finally, no one could deny that the work of the Post Ars group is richly infused with death and eroticism.

Česlovas Lukenskas. Akcija Žmogus-krūmas. 1992