art 2001/2

Vytautas Šerys. Portretinė plastika. Bronza, h 42. 1997

Vytautas Balsys. Rojaus sodas VIII.
Marmuras, varis, h 265. 1998

Stasys Žirgulis. Gyvenimo šaltiniai.
Granitas, aliuminis, h 20; 45 x 40, h 90. 2000

Leonas Strioga. Karalienė Pramotė. Granitas, aliuminis, h 55. 1998

Kęstutis Musteikis. Kamuolinis žaibas.
Geležis, akmuo, 80 x 250. 2000

Saulius Šiukšta. Vyras, moteris ir medis
Bronza, h 35. 1999–2000

The Movement of Lithuanian Sculpture.

by Aldona Dapkutė

The author reviews the activity, projects and exhibitions of the Sculptors’ Section of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union carried out in 1997–2001.
The continuous project “Sculptors for the City of Vilnius”. From 1997 the Sculptors’ Section develops the idea to establish a sculpture garden in Vilnius, which is put into life by steps, by holding symposiums of bronze casting, exhibitions of small sculptures and introducing this idea to society at large and representatives of the city authorities. The project was presented to the mayor of Vilnius Artūras Zuokas and was met with approval. So far the location of the garden has not been chosen. There are two possibilities: Sereikiškių Park (part of the Bernardine Garden), and the territory of Kūdrų Park.
Symposiums of bronze casting and exhibitions at the Medal Gallery. The first symposium of bronze casting took place in 1997, and in 2001 the fifth one was held. Each year the works created during these symposiums are presented in the Medal Gallery.
Exhibitions of small sculptures are traditionally held in the “Arka” Gallery and have an aim of expanding the understanding of artistic initiatives.
A retrospective exhibition “Portrait” and the action “Sculpting a Portrait” took place in the “Arka” Gallery in May-June 2001.