art 2001/2

Marketta Holmberg (Suomija). Vandens čiaupai (Monrealis, rugsėjis, Josette & Marie).
Mišri technika, 85 x 62. 1990

Leonardas Tuleikis. Tapybos erdvė. Kartonas, aliejus, 60 x 81. 1996

Gintaras Palemonas Janonis. Sėdinti. Drobė, aliejus, 100 x 81. 1996

Rimas Zigmas Bičiūnas. Medžių karalija.
Drobė, aliejus, 89 x 116. 2001

Aleksandras Vozbinas. Animalistiškai urbanistinis.
Drobė, aliejus, 92 x 73. 2000

Artistic Exchange: Several Thoughts about Residence Programmes

by Ieva Dilytė

International projects are carried out by several artistic institutions in Lithuania: the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), the Lithuanian Artists’ Union (LAU), the Contemporary Art Information Centre (CAIC) and cultural centres of foreign countries in Lithuania.
The routes of artists’ residencies most often stretch towards the Nordic countries. The Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA) collaborates with the Lithuanian Artists’ Union, which has been included in the network of programmes of artists’ residencies. Many artists, not necessarily members of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union, have participated in residencies organized in the NIFCA-administrated studies. This residence programme supports professional artists from the Nordic and Baltic countries. Artists from the Nordic countries regularly visit the studio of this network curated by the Lithuanian Artists’ Union in Vilnius.
The International Fund of Cultural Support UNESCO–ASCHBERG provides the geographically widest programme of grants for artists. The largest Lithuanian artistic institutions participate in the process of international artistic exchange by organizing and supporting international projects, spreading information about residence programmes and funds (CICA, CAC, LAU) and curating artists’ residencies (LAU).