art 2001/2

Irma Balakauskaitė. Sėdinti III.
Ofortas, akvatinta, 12,5 x 20. 2001

Titapol Suwankusolsong (Tailandas). Supermenas supermenas.
Šilkografija, 22 x 30. 2000

Danutė Gražienė. Balti Fragmentai VI.
Mišri technika, 21 x 29, 2001

Nikolaj Batakov (Rusija). Liturgija.
Ofortas, 25 x 12, 2000

Vilnius Triennial of Small Graphic Art

by Ieva Pleikienė

This year the fourth international triennial of small graphic art “Vilnius’2001” was traditionally held in the “Arka” gallery. It is not difficult to notice that the conception of this exhibition is based on a rather traditional concept of art. The curators were referring to the understanding of art as an aesthetic value and its emotional suggestion. Though digital technologies found their way to the exhibition, neither the orientation to the mass media visual expression, nor its use was regarded acceptable. A very clear distinction between mass and elite culture was observed. The jury awarded the Grand Prix of the triennial to the artist Nikolaj Batakov from Kaliningrad. His works excellently reflect the inherent qualities of small graphic art. They are imbued with mystery typical of mediaeval miniatures, which has a quality of rendering great spiritual power to small, barely noticeable things.
The Vilnius triennial of small graphic art leaves the spectator a good impression. The exhibition clearly reflects the attitude of its organizers, which is a great value in itself. The conservative character of the conception is not a flaw. In this argument-ridden epoch it testifies to a fact that there are diverse means of artistic expression, and each of them is valuable in its own way.