art 2002/1

Gediminas Akstinas. Vežimas.
Metalas, lakštinis plienas, 250 x 320 x 120, 1998

Gediminas Akstinas. Tampymasis
Metalas, lakštinis plienas, 1995

Gediminas Akstinas. Pradžia ir galas lovoje.
Metalas, lakštinis plienas, 47 x 164 x 205, 1996

Gediminas Akstinas: To Be Here and Elsewhere

by Jurgita Ludavičienė

Few straightforward things can be said of the work of Gediminas Akstinas, the artist who was natured by traditionalism, but defected to conceptual art to work not so much with objects, as the space bracketing them. Though his installations take some craft skills, yet not the objects, but sensations are his main characters and his “target group”.
Challenging the concepts of stability and change, the artist seeks a phenomenological “explosion”: just imagine as stable an object as a house moving from its place; or vice versa, such an intangible thing as horizon, being pinned on a wall of the gallery. The artist ridicules the desire for stability in this transient world. Recurrent elements: sticks, shelves, wagon wheels in his installations move into different spaces, spreading around an incurable virus of the horizon.
Though the works cannot be described as transparent, such is the impression one takes along after seeing them. It takes to be here, to earn the right to be elsewhere.