art 2002/2

Gimė 1960 Kaune.
1978 baigė M.K. Čiurlionio meno mokyklą.
1985 baigė Lietuvos valstybiniame dailės institute (dabar Vilniaus dailės akademija) grafikos specialybę.
Personalinės parodos
1991 grafikos paroda, "Arkos" galerija, Vilnius
grafikos paroda "Baltoji", Klaipėda
1994 grafikos paroda, galerija "Bohema", Klaipėda
1996 grafikos paroda, "Lietuvos aido" galerija, Vilnius
1997 grafikos paroda, galerija "Akcija M", Molėtai
grafikos paroda, "Soho" galerija, Sidnėjus, Australija
1998 galerija "Grafica", Tokijas, Japonija

Šarūnas Leonavičius. Laivas.
1986, ofortas, 51 x 37
Grupinės parodos
1987 II tarptautinė Vilniaus knygos meno trienalė, Vilnius
1988 Knygos meno paroda, Maskva, Rusija
1989 "Lietuvių grafikai Sidnėjuje", Australija; Oslas, Norvegija
1990 VIII tarptautinė iliustracijų paroda, Sarmedas, Italija
1991 "Keturi menininkai", Dailės parodų rūmai, Vilnius
Tarptautinė grafikos meno trienalė, Krokuva, Lenkija
1993 IV tarptautinė Vilniaus knygos meno trienalė, ŠMC, Vilnius
1995 Lietuvos kultūros dienos Prancūzijoje, Paryžius
1996 Lietuvos grafika XVIII-XX a., Lietuvos dailės muziejus, Vilnius
1997 Lietuvių grafikos paroda, "Forum de Halles", "17 Grande Galerie", Paryžius, Prancūzija

Šarūnas Leonavičius. Sala.
2002, ofortas, 49 x 44,5
Knygų iliustracijos,
pašto ženklai

1980 V. Miliūnas "Linksmos pasakaitės"
1983 Just. Marcinkevičius "Pažinimo medis", "Donelaitis"
1983 L. Didžiulienė-Žmona "Našlaičių eglutė"
1996 Knygų serija "Ad se ipsum" (Plutarchas, Markas Aurelius, Franzas Kafka, Michailas Bulgakovas, Seneka, Dante ir kt.)
Pašto ženklų serija "Senieji Baltijos burlaiviai"

Šarūnas Leonavičius. Aidas Marčėnas. Knyga vaikams Žmogaus žvaigždė. 1989, pieštukas, tušas, guašas, 28,5 x 42,5

Konkursai, apdovanojimai
1987 Antrojo laipsnio diplomas II tarptautinėje Vilniaus knygos meno trienalėje, Vilnius
1993 Didysis prizas IV tarptautinėje Vilniaus knygos meno trienalėje, Vilnius
1998 I premija Tarptautiniame pašto ženklų konkurse, Italija

Šarūnas Leonavičius. Nebaigtas ofortas. 1992-2002, ofortas, 49 x 32

Šarūnas Leonavičius: Beautiful as a Sail

by Saulė Mažeikaitė

Šarūnas Leonavičius ranks amongst the most technically skilled and sophisticated Lithuanian graphic artists. Though his technique is difficult to emulate, for the artist it is a means, but not an end in itself. As a true postmodernist, he naturally eliminates technique from his field of vision as not essential part of the product.
He spends plenty of time preparing one etching or engraving plate; occasionally he places a plate next to another to achieve subtle tone nuances. Completeness is one of the attributes that cannot be applied to his work. The artist is perpetually perfecting and modifying his works, without any fear to lose what has already been achieved. The prints, which he makes from the same plate, are occasionally so different that it is difficult to know which version should be considered a completed work. Indeed, in his work discipline marries with the non finito principle and accidental footprints of the surroundings.
His typical characters - lions and women, woman and sea shells, man and woman, Our Lady and Ophelia - have stepped down from different mythologies. They have been slightly transformed and integrated into the artist’s system. Based on his imagery, the artist could be associated with the Symbolists, but his world is more peaceful and tranquil. The finesse of line and tone in his prints carries semblance of Japanese prints or Medieval miniatures.
As book illustrator, Šarūnas Leonavičius on several occasions has turned tables in the author - illustrator relationship. He was working on illustrations for a particular book, but when the work was finished, a different poet had to write poems based on his illustrations.
The deft engraver Šarūnas Leonavičius is both archaic and modern, and more ingenious than most experimenting graphic artists.
Yachting is a second Leonavičius’ passion, and his saying "beautiful as a sail" encapsulates his aesthetic values.