art 2003/1

Arūnas Prelgauskas. Iliustracija P. Žemgulytės knygai Kaip lelijos žydėjimas.
1991, spalvotas guašas, 17 x 22,5

Rimantas Daugintis (1944–1990). Naktigonė. 1982, terakota, h 26

The Unknown Lithuanian Art of the 1990s

The project “The Unknown Lithuanian Art of the 1990s” by the Lithuanian Artists’ Union has been going on for five years. It seems like the project is no longer needed, as the Culture Ministry and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania have approved the concept of the National Art Gallery of the 20th Century. It is expected to open in 2007 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First Lithuanian Art Exhibition. It should be noted, that all official decrees and decisions refer to the long awaited gallery as a Museum of Modern Art. The content of this to-be museum will depend on designers of its concept and specialists charged with the setting up the future collection. Meanwhile, the Lithuanian Artists’ Union reveals yearly to the public eye one more piece of the forgotten Lithuanian art of the turn of the 20th century.
This year’s exhibitions:
“Landscape in Lithuanian Painting” (curator Aušra Poškutė)
“Full Moon at Dawn. Sculpture by Rimantas Daugintis” (curators Daiva Daugintienė, Regina Šimulynienė and Dalia Matulaitė)
“Illustrations of Children’s Books” (curator Rima Povilionytė)
“Who Made Model Moulds” (curator Roma Survilienė)
“Painting by Sergejus Gračiovas (1922–1993)” (curator Olga Gračiova)
Book Plates (Ex Libris) from the Collection of Stasė Medytė (curator Vytautas Žirgulis)