art 2003/2

Gimė 1963 Vilniuje.
1982–1991 studijavo Valstybiniame dailės institute (dabar Vilniaus dailės akademija), Skulptūros katedroje.

Arvydas Ališanka. Akmens apkabinimas. 2001, lauko riedulys, h 230

Arvydas Ališanka. Ugnies skulptūra Kūrėjas. 2000, šiaudai, medis, h 600

Arvydas Ališanka. Ledo skulptūra Debesų kambarys. 2000, ledas, h 220

Arvydas Ališanka. Žmoglentė. 2002, popierius, h 210

Arvydas Ališanka. Privati erdvė. 2000, medis, h 250

Arvydas Ališanka:
The Openness and Protection of Aesthetic Experience

by Elona Lubytė

The artist Egidijus Rudachers to initiate him into the secrets of the trade. At the time Lithuanian graphg that he mostly illustrates poetry books. His visual imagery tracing the forgotten signs of the earth shares with poetry its source. He has also tried his hand in author’s book, the genre, which for the viewer allows the most intimate communication with text and images in a book.
As etching takes so much time to complete his projects (roughly two or three larger works in a year) the etcher occasionally tries other mediums. His recent experiment technique combines drawing on sand or clay, photography, computer graphics and acrylic. Also, he never forgets drawing, which is the foundation of his graphic art.