art 2003/2

Gimė 1968 Vilniuje.
1988–1994 studijavo Vilniaus dailės akademijoje, Tapybos katedroje.
1993 mokėsi Zalcburgo vasaros dailės akademijoje.

Eglė Gineitytė. Broliai. 2003, popierius, aliejus, aliejinė pastelė, mišri technika, 150x165

Eglė Gineitytė. Berniukai II. 2001, popierius, aliejinė pastelė, mišri technika, 150x150

Eglė Gineitytė. Tu arčiau dangaus. 2000, drobė, aliejus, aliejinė pastelė, 150x150

Eglė Gineitytė:
A Transparent World of Illusions

by Vaidilutė Brazauskaitė

In her unaffected drawings and paintings by Eglė Gineitytė does not hide her intimate self, and her art is truly a reflection of the artist’s emotions and visions. Her style could be defined as contemporary symbolism, as she sets out to design a system of her own symbols, signs and codes. Her sensibility is based on intuition, and emotional experience.
Her work is characterized by a pronounced musical quality (she is also a singer in a professional choir of contemporary and religious music), also, mostly she develops a theme or a motif in a number of works that unite into a series. Her favoured materials are pencils, pastel, charcoal, as they do not restrict her emotional gesture and are best fit for her temperament. Her large paintings have a cosy air, like some handicraft objects. The artist deliberately seeks this similarity to stitching or some other crafts. Occasionally, she employs appliqué elements, and achieves the effect of a photographic negative. In her figurative oil paintings her minute vibrating brushwork imparts an amazingly “velvet” quality of texture, and the effects of shimmering light. Her two series of oil paintings “Girls” and “Boys” feature unpretentious figures of adolescent youth, involved in no particular action. Hers is the world of inner movement and action, of intuitions and things left unsaid.