art 2003/2

Rabarama (Italija). Labirintas. 2000, bronza, 87x125x100

Vaclovas Krutinis (Lietuva). Jungtis. 2000, bronza, 12x29x26

Zhang Defeng (Kinija). Išminčius. 2002, spalvotas stiklo pluoštas, plastikas, 200x100x40

First China Beijing International Fine Arts Biennial Exhibition

by Vaclovas Krutinis

First China Beijing International Fine Arts Biennial Exhibition, held in China on September 20-October 20, was initiated and put together by the Federation of China Literature and Circles, China Artists Association and Beijing Municipality Government. The organizers had the vision of turning the biennial into a forum for contemporary sculptors and painters from different continents and to reveal regional and ethnic similarities and differences as reflected through personal artistic sensibilities.
The preparations for the biennial started back in 2002, the process was somewhat disrupted by the outbreak of SARS, but the world start forum was held as originally scheduled. The China Millennium Monument hosted over 200 hundred works by 114 artists representing 40 countries. The second part of the exhibition was showcased at the China National Fine Arts Museum. It featured around a hundred of works by Chinese artists, two personal exhibitions, Qi Baishi, Chinese artist, and Tatsuo Takayama from Japan, as well as collections of Korean and French painters.
The international jury selected three Lithuanian artists to represent Lithuanian art, the painters Jūratė Mykolaitytė and Pranas Griušys, and Vaclovas Krutinis, a sculptor. Most national collections featured from three to four works, excepting Australia, Egypt, Iran, the USA and Vietnam, whose collections included around ten works. In contrast to Venice Biennial, the Beijing Biennial focuses on a particular artist and his or her work.
The China Artists Association is confident that Beijing International Arts Biennial will be held parallel to Venice events, but in autumn.