art 2003/2

Gimė 1953 Klaipėdoje.
1971–1976 studijavo Vilniaus universitete, Teisės fakultete.
Nuo 1992 Lietuvos dailininkų sąjungos narys.

Saulius Vaitiekūnas. Chronos. 2003, detalė

Saulius Vaitiekūnas. Chronos. 2003, h 380

Saulius Vaitiekūnas. Puta. 2000, 1000 plastiko lėlių, statybinė montažinė puta, medis, 250x370

Saulius Vaitiekūnas. Žinia. 2002, apie 8 tonas lauko akmenų, 800x450x230

Saulius Vaitiekūnas. Obuolys Ievai. 2002, lauko akmuo, ų 90

Saulius Vaitiekūnas. Enternet. 2002, metalas, apie 3 tonas sintetinių žvejų tinklų

Saulius Vaitiekūnas: the Mysterium of the Matter

by Regimantas Tamošaitis

Saulius Vaitiekūnas is an artist working in rock and metal, who employs the plastic qualities of both to load his physically substantial works with no less substantial existential and philosophical implications. The most durable matter requires thorough and tenacious work, yet for the artist, this work becomes his way of thinking. The aesthetic forms of his pieces are inspired rather by the artist’s reverence to natural shapes than specific artistic goals.
His pieces can be perceived as sacral symbols, yet his sacredness does not imply a withdrawal into transcendental domains. It is instead a very intense perception of life. His works-things offer a more vivid picture of reality. His rocks and other strange objects (clocks, saw discs, serrated parts of meat mincing machines) seek to break the rigid crust of the intellect and liberate the waters of intuition. He transforms ontological questions into aesthetic perception. Instead of focusing on the cultural sources of artistic, forms, he tries to grasp their magic core. His installations imply a perception agenda, so the viewer becomes involved in a certain ritual.
The artist perceives natural forms as feminine and erotic, he feels both, seduced and awed by this life transforming power inherent in them. This sensibility informs all his work, the key theme of which is eroticised cosmic time, the great kalachakra.