Launched in 1960 and renewed in 1997, the art review "Art" is setting off for a new start - two issues of the journal are scheduled to appear this year.
"Art" is the only specialized publication that analyzes and reflects the processes of professional art in Lithuania. We hope that two yearly issues will help spread the newest information and provide an opportunity to strike up a more active dialogue between artists and society.
With the aim present the diversity of art life, we devoted a large part of this issue to represent the panorama of remarkable exibitions of both Lithuanian and foreign artist in Lithuania's exibition spaces. In the analysis of the art process, analytical and polemic articles presented under the heading "Theme" play an important role. This issue's topic is "What comes after postmodernism". We also continue to acquaint our reader with Lithuanian galleries and show what is on in Kaunas, Druskininkai, Panevezys and Klaipeda.

Danute Zoviene

Art Review of Lithuanian Artist's Association

This publication was made possible through the support of the Media Support Foundation.

Editorial Board Lolita Jablonskiene, Ingrida Korsakaite, Vaclovas Krutinis, Virginijus Kincinaitis, Bronius Leonavicius, Algis Uzdavinys
Danute Zoviene
Designer Eugenijus Karpavicius
Photographer Vidmantas Ilciukas
Computer lay-out Ramune Januseviciute
Egle Bertasiene
Ausra Cizikiene



theme: what comes after postmodernism
34 Vytautas Rubavicius The Glow of Deserved Opportunities
36 Virginijus Kincinaitis Eroticism and Menopause of One Term

portraits, anniversaries, heritage
41 Aleksandra Aleksandraviciute Aldona Salteniene: Ceramic Performances
44 Elona Lubyte Algirdas Bosas: "A Provincial" of the World
48 Algis Uzdavinys Aiste Ramunaite: The Anatomy of Love and Death
52 Pille Veljataga Birute Stulgaite: Space and Change
56 Agne Narusyte Elongated Ojects of Gintautas Trimakas
59 Alfonsas Andriuskevicius Performance of Life (Not Only)
62 Viktoras Liutkus Viktoras Vizgirda Studies in Paris