Biannual art magazine in Lithuanian and English
AILĖ is designed for an audience, which is interested in Lithuanian art and its development, in artists and their creativity.
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Thirty issues of the magazine were originally published from 1960 to 1990. Publication began again in 1997, since 1999 it is released twice a year.

AILE is a specialized periodical art review, rich with illustrations. It analyzes process of contemporary art; the reader is introduced to famous artists and the process both in Lithuania and abroad.
The magazine presents good quality reproductions, and a section entitled "KRONIKA" which gives information on all exhibitions in galleries in Lithuania, the participation of Lithuanian artists in international exhibitions, art events in Lithuania, new large format art works, sculptures and monuments.
Every issue of the magazine presents a new material, a new aspect of the art process, but maintains three main structural axes: a theme, an artist, illustrations (Apr. 100 - 150 colored ill.); "KRONIKA".


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Having crossed the threshold of the 21st century, we still have many problems and urgent issues unsolved. Though at the competition of the Open Society Fund we received support for the theme of this issue “The Law of Sponsorship and its Effect in Lithuania”, we found it necessary to expand the range of themes including laws regulating the dispersion of contemporary art and the status of its creators and artworks. It is becoming more and more obvious that the lack of legal basis hinders a normal process of contemporary art. The heading “Theme” was edited by the art critic, program coordinator of the UNESCO Chair of Culture Management and Culture Policy of the Vilnius Art Academy Ieva Kuizinienė.
In this issue we review the exhibitions of the end of 2000 and the first half of 2001, present new works of monumental art and the winners of the national award of culture and art in 2000. Under the heading “One World” we introduce several world exhibitions with the successful participation of Lithuanian artists (the Great Düsseldorf Exhibition, the Tallinn Triennial of Applied Art, the 2nd Berlin Biennial). In 2001 we celebrate the anniversaries of birth of several remarkable Lithuanian artists: the 60th anniversary of Algimantas Švėgžda and the 80th anniversary of Antanas Mončys. Traditionally we present the most beautiful books of 2000 and publish photographs reflecting the rich life of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.


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DAILE'99/2 presents problems which are connected with art and new technologies, an interview with art critics about their experiences curating exhibitions, and an introduction to the work of artists H.Natalevicius, E.Saladzius, P.Mazuras, S.Chlebinskas, R.Dichavicius (including a list of their most important solo and group exhibitions, stipends, awards, illustrations).
The year's most important exhibitions and Symposiuma, the 48th. Biennial of Venice and the Art Fair in Frankfurt are discussed.
At the end of the magazine "Kronika" presents comprehensive information on exhibitions, Symposiuma, new large format art works, sculptures, monuments, books, anniversaries and awards.


DAILE'99/1 continues "Art at the Turn of the Century".
"Panorama of Exhibitions" presents the main art exhibitions held in Lithuania, reproductions of the most important art works presented in various galleries and museums (including time and place, title of art work, size and technique), the art works of foreign artists.
"Artist" presents A.Salteniene, A.Bosas, A.Ramunaite, B.Stulgaite, G.Trimakas, A.Savickas (including information of their most important solo and group exhibitions, awards, stipends, illustrations). This issue also contains an article on Lithuanian artist V.Vizgirda.
The year's most beautiful books presentation are presented for the first time. Readers also have the possibility to learn about a project by the Lithuanian Artists' Union entitled "Unknown Lithuanian Art from the End of the Century".


The theme of
DAILE'98 - Art at the Turn of the Century". This subject was analyzed in Lithuanian and English by art critics, philosophers, cultural historians.
A change in cultural values and art, the need to look at the past were very actual at the turn of the century. These ideas were discussed in the article on Lithuanian's XXth. Century National Visual Art Gallery (summarized in English).
Annual exhibitions, a review of the XIth. International Graphic Art Triennial in Tallinn and the Xth. International Ceramic Symposium in Panevezys are discussed in the section entitled "Exhibitions and Symposiuma" (summarized in English).
There is information about the works of famous Lithuanian artists P.Repsys, D.Kasciunaite, S.Sauka, F.Jakubauskas, M.Salkauskas, D.Narkevicius, together with a list of their main solo and group exhibitions, reproductions of their art works, awards and stipends (summarized in English).
The problem of sculpture in the city is considered in the section titled "One World".
Here the reader can also find information on foreign artists' exhibitions in Lithuania, and on the works of Lithuanian emigrants.


- discussions of Symposiuma, international exhibitions,
DAILE'99/1 focuses on presenting art exhibitions.
DAILE'98 was oriented towards capturing the successive, systematic and comprehensive process of art.
DAILE'97 tried to fill the gap in the art process during the years 1990-1997.