Art Gallery of the Utena Culture Palace

Aušros g. 49
LT-4910 Utena
tel. (239) 5 16 43, 5 15 29
fax. 57903

One gallery space (additional space – the lobby) 72
Founded 1991
– Utena Culture Palace
Director – Algis Palskis
Head – Ramunė Bivainienė

Gallery artists:
Klemensas Kupriūnas
Jonas Pleckevičius
Laimonas Šmergelis
Algis Malakauskas
Laima Kriukelienė
Vytautas Petronis

Open Tuesdays–Fridays: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
and during all the events held at the palace

The gallery was founded on the iniciative of A. Palskis, director of the Utena Culture Centre and D. Bliumbergienė, who directed the activities of the gallery for four years. The gallery features contemporary art and photography, presents jubilee and personal exhibitions of the artists who come of the Utena land, offers Christmas expositions which include local artists’ works. Its aim is olso to familiarize local people with the works of Lithuanian prominent artists and photographers.

Major exhibitions:
Algirdas Griškevičius (paintings)
Jurgis Savickis, Algirdas Savickas, Augustinas Savickas, Raimondas Savickas (paintings)
Bronė Mingėlaitė-Uogintienė, Bronius Uogintas Snr, Bronius Uogintas Jnr, Gintarė Uogintaitė (paintings)
Arvydas Šaltenis (paintings)
Leopoldas Surgailis (paintings)
Andrius Surgailis (art works)