Baltic Art Network
tel. (22) 68 56 25
fax. 685626

Gallery space 50 Mb
Number of spaces – over 100 netsheets
Founded 2000
Owner – ST Link, L.L.C.
Director – Felix Tarm (USA), Saulius Norvaišas (Lithuania)
Curator – Saulė Marija Mažeikaitė

Gallery artists:
Egmontas Bžeskas
Algirdas Griškevičius
Eimuntas Ludavičius
Katrė Karina Matiukienė
Aistė Kirvelytė
Egidijus Rudinskas
Saliamonas Teitelbaumas
Vladimiras Golubas
Haikas Gasparianas
Jazeps Pigozinis

Open everyday round the clock

Baltic Art Network – a virtual art gallery. Presents an electronic catalogue of an individual artist in internet, deals both with the expositions of art works and their sale. Professional curators not only consult the purchaser, but in some cases they can offer their services to make up exhibitions in various foreign and local places.