Russian Art Gallery

Išganytojo g. 2/4
LT-2001 Vilnius
tel. (22) 22 32 36
fax. 223236

Two gallery spaces 60
Founded 1992
Public organization
Founder – Centre for Russian Culture
Director – Olga Artisiuk

Gallery artists:
Tamara Janova
Viačeslavas Sokoleckis
Izabelė Bindler
Vladimiras Golubas
Jelena Bliznina
Jurijus Grigorovičius
Valerijonas Dombrovskis
Valerijus Afanasjevas
Renatė Lūšis
Pavelas Marfičevas

Open Mondays–Saturdays: 11 a.m.–6 p.m.
Closed Sundays

The Russian Art Gallery is located in a cosy nook of the Vilnius Old Town. In the course of eight years of its activities the gallery presented over 90 exhibitions. Its expositions include the works of Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian artists. The gallery orients itself to traditional forms of art–painting, graphics, sculpture–possesing some features of the figurative art school. Today it is hard to imagine the Russian Art Gallery without poetry soirées, the gatherings of philosophers, philologists, artists, journalists, discussions and other cultural ventures.

Major exhibitions:
Mikhail Chemyakin’s works. Exhibition held in Vartai gallery
Tamara Yanova. Come on, baby, come on... (sculpture)
Drawings from V. Drėma’s archives by the pupils of the A. Pushkin Gymnasium
Vyacheslav Sokoletsky (water colours)