Perhaps it is unwise to begin the thirteenth DPF as the first of a cycle of four festivals connected to the elements and to assign to this one the most active of those elements - fire. But that is how it has come to be. So the theme of the Conference is "Poetry and the Elements: Fire." The guest at this year's DPF is not one of the arts but "pyromaniacs," those who define fire as the foundational element of their aesthetic expression. It seems to me that this theme opens itself to discussion of the energy of poetic language, about that which gives poetic language power and which separates it from other forms of articulation. However, of course, no one is forbidden from speaking about fire, as trope, symbol, the thing within, noun, or verb. I think it is important only that the context of contemporary poetry not disappear from our horizon, though there are those who might think otherwise.

This year the screen of DPF is changing. More events will take place in Vilnius. The festival will begin with readings by younger poets at the Writers' Union on Thursday. Of course, all participants will also be invited to Druskininkai. Sunday evening we will officially end DPF with readings by guests from abroad at Vilnius City Hall. Informal readings at Užupis Café will also not be refused.

Saturday's "Renga" session will take place in the classical style. We will seek to provide an opportunity for a larger group of poets to present themselves, so we plan five chamber readings after the presentation of the year's new books.

The traditional anonymous poem competition will follow the usual order. We remind translators that their Lithuanian versions of authors from abroad are also welcome in this competition. We plan as well to have an anonymous poem competition on the theme of fire. Therefore, authors and translators wishing to earn laurels in both categories are asked to bring two unsigned poems of their own or by DPF guests.


October 3, Thursday
17:00 Readings by younger poets, Writer's Union, Vilnius, K. Sirvydo 6

October 4, Friday
8:30 Participants depart from Vilnius, from the Lithuanian Writers Union, K. Sirvydo 6
11:00 Registration. Druskininkai. "Dainava" Center, Maironio 16
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Raising of the DPF flag, opening ceremony. Discussion: "Poetry and the
Elements: Fire". "Dainava" Great Hall
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Discussion continues
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Poetry Readings. "Dainava" Great Hall
21:15 Poets and Pyromaniacs: The fury of words and fire above Druskonis Lake, 
Druskininkai Museum
22:30 Discussion of the Pyromanics' works. Café "Širdelė"

October 5, Saturday
 9:00 Breakfast
11:00 "Renga" session. A collective multilingual creative act.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Presentation of books published during the year. "Dainava" Great Hall. A book 
exhibit will be held in the Library, publishers will sell their books.
16:30 Five simultaneous poetry readings. "Dainava" Center
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Formal closing poetry evening. Award of the Jotvingių Prize. Awards for 
competition winners. "Dainava" Great Hall
21:00 Night readings and skits. "Dainava" Dining Hall.

October 6, Sunday
10:00 Breakfast
12:00 Participants depart for Vilnius.
18:00 DPF Guest Poetry Evening. Vilnius City Hall, Didžioji 31

October 7 Monday
17:00 Poetry readings, Užupis Café

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