The XIV International Literary Festival

This year we will continue the cycle of four festivals linked to the elements, dedicating this second one to water. The theme of the conference is "Poetry and the Elements: Water." The guests at the Druskininkai Poetic Fall are arts that are linked somehow to water. This theme may be discussed in various ways. In its symbolic sense, water is substance that connects to fire, that creates the forms of life. So, it is possible to say that this substance gives life to poetic texts as well. However, of course, no one is prohibited from speaking about water as trope, as thing in itself, as an object of representation or as metaphor. It is important only that contemporary poetry not disappear from the horizon of our considerations.
This year's DPF has been organized in collaboration with Vladimir Tarasov. In addition to the program "Kantatos," we will also present two of his other musical-poetic projects. After the traditional Friday poetry readings, we plan a night of poetry and jazz, IIANTA PEI. We will present again Vladimir Tarasov's "Sonatina for Four Poets' Voices, Oboe, Contrabass and Percussion," in which will participate Gerardo Beltr?n, Kerry Shawn Keys, Dmitri Prigov and Artūras Valionis, and we will present a new project by Gerardo Beltr?n and Vladimir Tarasov, "Tango Té." The theme of the poetry readings is "journey."


October 1, Wednesday
17.00  Readings by American poets Anthony McCann, and Kerry Shawn Keys, and by German poet Lutz Seiler. Writers' Club, K.Sirvydo St. 6, Vilnius.

October 2, Thursday
16.00  Project of poetry and music, "Kantatos" by Dmitri Prigov (Moscow) and Vladimir Tarasov (Vilnius). Readings by young Lithuanian poets. Writers' Club, K.Sirvydo St. 6.
18.00  Departure of foreign guests to Druskininkai. Writers' Club, K.Sirvydo St. 6.

October 3, Friday
8:30  Departure to Druskininkai from Vilnius, Lithuanian Writers' Union, K. Sirvydo St. 6.
11.00  Registration of participants. Druskininkai, Centre "Dainava," Maironio St. 16.
12.30  Lunch.
13.30  DPF '03 Flag Ceremony, opening of the Festival. Discussion: "Poetry and the Elements: Water." Centre "Dainava" main hall.
15.00  Coffee break. Opening of the photo exhibition by Marius Abramavičius, Valdas Gilius and Gintaras Žilys.
15.30  Continuation of the discussion.
17.00  Opening of the art exhibition by Christine Kinsey (Wales). Gallery SOFA, Vilniaus St. 10.
18.00  Dinner.
19.00  Poetry readings. Centre "Dainava" main hall.
21.00  Night of Poetry and Jazz "?ANTA PEI." Centre "Dainava" restaurant.

October 5, Saturday
09.00  Breakfast.
10.00  Opening of the art exhibition by Petras Rakštikas. "Mažoji Gallery," M.K.Čiurlionio St. 37.
11.00  Poetic Morning, "The Baltic and Other Seas." The pool of the Sanatorium "Belarus," Maironio St. 2.
13.00  Lunch.
14.00  Presentation of books published during the year. Centre "Dainava" main hall.
16.00  Chamber readings by Lithuanian poets. Centre "Dainava" registration office.
18.00  Dinner.
19.00  Final poetry evening. Presentation of the Jotvingiai Prize and other prizes. Centre "Dainava" main hall.
21.00  "Poetry from the Water". Michel de Maulne. The coast of the Lake Druskonis.
22.00  Poetry night: competitions and performances. Centre "Dainava" restaurant.

October 5, Sunday
10.00  Breakfast.
12.00  Departure to Vilnius.
19.00  Readings by DPF guests. Broadway Pub, Mėsinių St. 2, Vilnius.

October 6, Monday
17.00  Informal poetry readings in Užupis Café.
17.00  resentation of the book by Vladas Braziūnas Būtasis nebaigtinis/ imparfait with participation of Michel de Maulne. J.Masiulis' bookstore "Prie Halės", Pylimo St. 53.

For one anonymous poem;
For an anonymous poem on water;
"Mermaids and Mermen" (humorous).

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