The XV International Literary Festival

The words I speak are only air…                                                                                 Sappho

This year we will continue the cycle of four festivals related to the elements, dedicating this third one to air. The theme of the conference will be "Poetry and the Elements: Air, Vibrated by Sound." DPF's guests will be the arts which are connected to air: expressing themselves through sound, using the air and similar things. Air is the source of life, the home of fire, the mediator between heaven and earth, but to discuss the symbolic linkage between poetry and air would be too formal and, in all likelihood, dull. Air is the carrier of sound, that is to say, the home of poetry uttered by the voice. What sort of poetic sound are we creating today? Is it still of significance to us? How - and, in fact, whether - has our attitude toward euphony changed? Is it fashionable to read poetry aloud, is it unfashionable, or is it once again in fashion? What of the reciter of poetry: can his or her interpretation give us something new, or does such recitation only make the poem audible for those who are too indolent to read it themselves or who are gathered together only for some defined occasion? Does the author who addresses his audience through his or her voice create some sort of "additional aesthetic value," and is the author required to do so? The programs in Druskininkai and in Vilnius will change little. All the traditional events will take place there: two evenings of poetry, presentation of books published during the year, chamber and night readings, the presentation of works by guests from abroad in Vilnius, and the evening in the Užupis Café. The Friday night reading "A Night of One Poem," is returning to the Širdelė Café. Each participant is required to have one short poem ready, because he or she can be asked to read with no advance notice. Saturday morning we will try to arrange the Poets Basketball League (PBL) DPF Cup superfinal contest Urbs Contra Orbem (The City Against the World) .


September 29, Wednesday
17.00 Readings by Michael Jennings (USA) and Miriam van hee (Belgium). Writers' Club, K.Sirvydo St. 6.

September 30, Thursday. Arrival of foreign guests.
12.00 Alexey Alekhin (Russia) meets students of Russian philology at Vilnius University. Universiteto 3, Russian room.
15.00 Readings by Swiss poets Jürg Halter, Jurczok 1001, Pedro Lenz. With participation of translators Laurynas Katkus, Antanas A.Jonynas, Gytis Norvilas. Writers' Club. K.Sirvydo 6.
16.00 Readings by young Lithuanian poets. Writers' Club, K.Sirvydo St. 6.
18.00 Departure of foreign guests to Druskininkai. Writers' Club, K.Sirvydo St. 6.

October 1, Friday
8:30 Departure to Druskininkai. Lithuanian Writers' Union, K. Sirvydo St. 6, Vilnius.
11.00 Registration of participants. Druskininkai, Centre Dainava, Maironio St. 16.
13.30 DPF '04 Flag Ceremony, opening of the Festival. Discussion: "Poetry and the Elements: Air, Vibrated by Sound." Centre Dainava main hall.
15.30 Coffee break.
16.00 Continuation of the discussion.
19.00 Poetry readings. Centre Dainava main hall.
21.00 Night of One Poem. Café Širdelė.

October 2, Saturday
11.00 The DPF Cup superfinal contest of PBL (Poets' Basketball League) Urbs Contra Orbem. Druskininkai Sport's Centre, M.K.Čiurlionio St. 97-2.
14.00 Presentation of books published during the year. Centre Dainava main hall.
16.00 Chamber readings by Lithuanian poets. Centre Dainava registration office.
19.00 Final poetry evening. Presentation of the Jotvingiai Prize and other prizes. Centre Dainava, main hall.
21.00 Poetry night: competitions and performances. Centre Dainava restaurant.

October 3, Sunday
12.00 Departure to Vilnius.
19.00 Readings by DPF guests. Café Artistai, Šv. Kazimiero St. 3, Vilnius.

0ctober 4, Monday
117.00 Informal poetry readings in Užupis Café. Republic of Užupis.

For one anonymous poem;
For an anonymous poem of the best sound;
"Sport's poetry, poetry's sports" (humorous, dedicated to Olympic Games).

Public Organization "Druskininkai Poetic Fall", Lithuanian P.E.N. Centre, Centre Dainava.

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