The XVI International Literary Festival

This year we conclude our cycle of four festivals focusing on the elements, dedicating this fourth to earth. Thus the theme of this year’s conference is “Poetry and the Elements: Earth.” Earth, in the context of the elements, is first understood to be inert matter, the tangible world of living and non-living objects. The text in our depiction, from our experiences with arable soil, lifts things and their inter-relationships the way the sun in spring resurrects the green shoots. How important is this tangible fallow matter to poetry? Literary currents dry up, fashions pass, conventional imagination that bristled in the air lies forgotten. Later, researchers consider hypothetically which vital juices nourished which style, which meanings were shared by writers and by their adepts of past or distant cultures. But for the reader, what lives is what poetry manages to lift into his or her imagination. Are they completely new shoots or only something a little bit different? What is lifted and how is it lifted; for surely it is lifted, since poetry has been written and read for at least four thousand years. No doubt we will also not avoid discussions of the semantics of earth in poetry. Though if we begin to consider its changes in space and time, all of DPF would not suffice. It seems to me that earth, more than the other elements, is connected to that which we call mentality our worldview. Of course, we can talk about earth in traditional ways – as the “mother” of all that is alive, as the birth giver, and as the territory which is occupied (now it is more accurate to say “was occupied”) by language – the material of poetry, which in a real sense is also earth. Each point of view is welcome so long as it helps us better understand these things.

Our guest at PDR this year is the eARTh of sculpture. Sculpture is not only a thing; it is also a word with its own sensibility, exactly like the poetic taking place in our imagination.

The festival will begin with readings in the American Center in Vilnius by three American women poets, Patricia Goodrich, Rebecca Seiferle, and J.C. Todd. The following day, in the Writers’ Club, will be a meeting with German poet Marcel Beyer as well as the traditional evening of poetry by younger writers. The programs in Druskininkai and in Vilnius will be relatively unchanged – all the traditional events will take place: two poetry evenings, the presentation of books published during the year, chamber and night readings, the presentation of work by guests from abroad in Vilnius, and the evening in the Užupis Café. Friday night’s readings, “The Night of the Single Poem,” will take place in Širdelė. They will begin with Vladimiras Tarasovas reading his friends’ poems. Each participant will be expected to have one shorter poem, because anyone can be called upon to read without any prior warning. Saturday morning in the new Dainava bathhouse, the mystery “The Argument of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth” will be performed.

The following anonymous competitions will be held: a single poem; the most material poem; and, the humorous: the most fertilizing poem. Our guests will take part in the competitions with Lithuanian translation of their work.



October 12. Wednesday
17.30 Three American Women Poets: Patricia Goodrich, Rebecca Seiferle, and J.C.Todd (USA). American Centre. Vilnius, Pranciškonų 3/6.

October 13. Thursday
15.00 Afternoon with German poet Marcel Beyer. Translator Antanas Gailius. Writers‘ Club, Vilnius, K.Sirvydo 6.
17.00 Readings by young Lithuanian poets. Writers Club.
18.00 Departure of foreign guests to Druskininkai. Writers Club, Vilnius, K.Sirvydo 6.
19.00 Mono-play by Birutė Mar From Diaries of Salomėja Nėris „Poetess“. „Pocket Hall“ of the „Printing House of Arts“. Šiltadaržio St. 6.

October 14. Friday
8.30 Departure of participants from Vilnius, Lithuanian Writers‘ Union, K.Sirvydo 6.
11.00 Registration of participants. Druskininkai, Centre Dainava, Maironio St. 16.
12.30 Lunch.
13.30 Opening of the festival. Discussion: ”Poetry and the Elements: Earth”. Dainava, main hall.
13.00 Lesson in creative writing at Gymnasium, Atgimimo and Senamiesčio High Schools (parallel).
15.30 Coffee break.
16.00 Discussion, part two.
18.00 Dinner.
19.00 Poetry readings. Dainava, main hall.
21.00 Night of one poem. Café „Širdelė“.

October 15. Saturday
9.00 Breakfast.
11.00 The mystery “The Argument of Fire, Water, Air and Earth”. Dainava bathhouse.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Presentation of DPF anthology and other books. Dainava main hall.
Mini Book Fair in the Dainava Library.
15.30 Opening of photo exhibition by Dainius Gintalas and presentation of the new book by Laura Cintija Černiauskaitė, Sofa Gallery, Vilniaus St. 10.
16.00 Chamber readings by Lithuanian poets. Centre Dainava.
18.00 Dinner.
19.00 Final poetry evening. Presentation of the Jotvingiai Prize and other prizes. Centre Dainava, main hall.
21.00 Poetry night: competitions and performances. Centre Dainava restaurant.

October 16, Sunday
10.00 Breakfast.
12.00 Departure to Vilnius.
18.00 Readings by DPF guests. Writers’ Club, K. Sirvydo 6.

0ctober 17, Monday
117.00 Informal poetry readings in Užupis Café. Republic of Užupis.

Anonymous Competitions:
For one poem;
For the most material poem;
For most fertilizing poem (humorous).

Public Organization Druskininkai Poetic FallDainava.

Reading poets at the DPF’2005:

Foreign poets - Translators:

1. Marcel Beyer (Germany) - Antanas Gailius
2. Anneke Brassinga (The Netherlands) - Antanas Gailius
3. Pēters Brūveris (Latvia) - Vytautas Dekšnys
4. Duncan Bush (Wales) - Eugenijus Ališanka
5. Kristina Ehin (Estonia) - Erika Drungytė
6. Patricia Goodrich (USA) - Sonata Paliulytė
7. Bob Hansson (Sweden) - Liana Ruokytė
8. Brian Johnstone (UK) - Kornelijus Platelis
9. Christian Katt (Austria) - Kęstutis Navakas
10. Marija Martysievič (Belarus) - Vladas Braziūnas
11. Sabina Naef (Switzerland) - Tomas S.Butkus
12. Bragi Ólafsson (Iceland) - Jurgita Marija Abraitytė
13. Claudio Pozzani (Italy) - Valdas Petrauskas
14. Rein Raud (Estonia) - Erika Drungytė
15. Steven Schroeder (USA) - Marius Burokas
16. Rebecca Seiferle (USA) - Laurynas Katkus
17. Ilpo Tiihonen (Suomija) - Danutė Sirijos-Giraitė
18. Gunnar Wærness (Norway) - Nora Strikauskaitė


1. Bengt Berg (Sweden)
2. Styrbjörn Gustafsson (Sweden)
3. Boel Schenlaer (Sweden)
4. Gerardo Beltran (Mexico)
5. Ināra Cedriņa (Latvia)
6. Andrei Chadanovich (Belarus)
7. Leszek Engelking (Poland)
8. Izabela Korybut-Daszkiewicz (Poland)
9. Robert Ostaszewski (Poland)

Reading Lithuanian poets: Their translators into English:

1. Jonas Jackevičius, Judita Glauberzonaitė - Kerry Shawn Keys
2. Birutė Mar - J.C.Todd
3. Tautvyda Marcinkevičiūtė - Julie Kane, H.L.Hix, Manly Johnson
4. Marcelijus Martinaitis - Jonas Zdanys
5. Kęstutis Navakas - Jonas Zdanys
6. Donatas Petrošius - Jonas Zdanys
7. Rimvydas Stankevičius - Jonas Zdanys
8. Patricija Šmit - Zuzana Šiušaitė

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