The XVII International Literary Festival

Druskininkai Poetic Fall is the principal annual literary festival of the Lithuanian P.E.N. Centre. Since 1990 it has taken place in mid-October in the resort town of Druskininkai (approximately 130 km south-west of Vilnius). Over the years, the event has become popular in Lithuania and abroad, and has become a favorite of both writers and the public. The XVII Annual International Literary Festival Druskininkai Poetic Fall 2006 will take place in Druskininkai and Vilnius 5-9 October. We invited 20 poets from abroad and 60 from Lithuania. 25 of them will take part in readings.
We plan to meet our international guests October 4 or 5 (according to our arrangements) at Vilnius Airport or other terminals and take them to Druskininkai. The festival has its traditional form but the content changes every year. Last year we concluded our cycle of festivals related to the elements, dedicating the final one to Earth. This year we decided to “put to work” one more element, following the Chinese tradition – the Tree. All the more so, because the DPF logo is a tree, dropping pages filled with poetry, and the festival itself was created as a holiday of falling leaves. That’s why it is possible to say that the tree is the principal symbol of DPF, its quintessential theme.  Dedicating the XVII festival to this element, we will try also to change its structure somewhat. In place of the traditional theoretical conference, we plan to arrange for a shorter discussion about new directions in poetry in Lithuania and in those countries from which we are awaiting guests. Afterwards, there will be time for readings of poetry by younger poets, which earlier had taken place in Vilnius because due to the tight schedule there was not a convenient time for this event in Druskininkai.
The rest of the program in Druskininkai and in Vilnius will not change too much. All of the traditional activities will take place:  two poetry evenings, the presentation of books published during the year, chamber and night readings, and the presentation of work by guests from abroad in Vilnius.  Friday night’s readings – “The Night of the Single Poem” – will take place in Đirdelë.  It will be required that each participant bring along one short poem because he or she may be called upon to read at any moment.  Saturday morning in the Dainava Courtyard the “Act of Destroying Trees” will take place in front of a bonfire.
    We publish an annual anthology of participants every year. Our foreign guests are presented in their original languages and Lithuanian translations; 5-7 Lithuanian authors are also presented in their language and English translations. For those of our guests who do not know Lithuanian or the language of their colleagues published in the anthology, we produce a chapbook with English translations of their texts. The anthology is presented to all the participants, and copies are also for sale. We send the anthology to other organizers of festivals with whom we are in contact.

Events marked with stars: * will be available in the internet, address:



October 4. Wednesday
18.00 Readings by Polish poet Ryszard Krynicki at the Polish Institute in Vilnius. Didţioji St. 23. <>

October 5. Thursday

Arrival of our foreign guests in Vilnius.
18.00  Departure of foreign guests to Druskininkai from the Writers Club, Vilnius, K.Sirvydo 6.
20.00  Dinner. Café “Đirdelë” in Druskininkai.

October 6. Friday
 8.30 Departure of participants from Vilnius, Lithuanian Writers‘ Union, K.Sirvydo 6.
11.00 Registration of participants. Druskininkai, Centre Dainava, Maironio St. 16.
13.15 Lunch.
13.30 Lessons in creative writing at Atgimim and  Senamiesčio High Schools (parallel).
14.00 Opening of the festival. Discussion: Is Poetry Still Written? Dainava, Main Hall.
15.30 Coffee break.
16.00 Readings by young Lithuanian poets. Dainava, Main Hall.
17.30 Opening of the Wooden Exhibition by Benediktas Januđevičius at the SOFA Gallery, Vilnius Alley, 10.
18.15 Dinner.
19.00* Poetry readings. Dainava, Main Hall.
21.00* Night of one poem. Café „Đirdelë“.

October 7. Saturday
  9.00  Breakfast.
11.00* Poetic performances in Dainava courtyard.
13.00   Lunch.
14.00* Chamber readings by Lithuanian poets. Centre „Dainava“ Small Hall.
16.00  Presentation of DPF anthology and other books. Dainava Main Hall.
     Mini Book Fair in the Dainava Library.
18.00  Dinner.
19.00* Final poetry evening. Presentation of the Jotvingiai Prize and other prizes. Centre Dainava, Main Hall.
21.00 Poetry night: competitions and performances. Centre Dainava restaurant.

October 8, Sunday
10.00   Breakfast.
12.00   Departure to Vilnius.
18.00* Readings by DPF guests. St. Catherine’s Church. Vilnius, Vilnius St. 30.
20.00    Dinner. Closing of the Festival. Restaurant.

0ctober 17, Monday
117.00 Informal poetry readings in Uţupis Café. Republic of Uţupis.

Anonymous Competitions:
For one anonymous poem;
Tree of Poetry – Tree of the World;
Pinocchio, the floor is yours (humorous).

Public Organization “Druskininkai Poetic Fall”
Lithuanian P.E.N. Centre,  Centre Dainava.

Culture and Sports support Fund; Ministry of Culture of the Lithuanian Republic; American Centre; British Council; Fund for the Promotion of Icelandic Literature; Literature Center at the Danish Arts Agency; Llenyddiaeth Cymru Dramor/ Welsh Literature Abroad; Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA); Polish Institute in Vilnius; Swedish Institute; “Alita”; Centre “Dainava”; Druskininkai Municipality; weekly “Literatűra ir menas”; “Drusva”; “Druskininkř Rasa”; Restaurant-Club “Dangaus Skliautas”.

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