The XVIII International Literary Festival

Every writer and every literature creates an imaginary map which reflects their vision of the world. In this map one sees most clearly the native village or the city, the traditions of native literature, the heritage of the native region. For many writers these nearest things are an antidote against superficiality and unification. On the other hand, since times immemorial literature cannot be dissociated from the “object of desire“  which is quite far away. Classical Antiquity or the isles of the Southern Seas, the simplicity of the  North or exotic religions and ideologies – these utopical formations not only impart sense to the writers‘ work but also show the direction for others who follow them.

We would like to suggest that the participants of the Druskininkai Poetic Fall discuss the ways in which these phenomena function in contemporary literature. Is it the near or the remote pole which is more important nowadays? Is it possible today to treat not only national literature, but also regional culture as an inborn trait? What is to be considered as their basis: similar language, historical experience, landscape and climate? Does the dream land of writers still exist? Should it have a prototype in reality, or does it suffice that it fosters creativity? Or is it a dangerous mirage one has to fight against?


October 4. Thursday
Arrival of our foreign guests in Vilnius.
17.00  Departure of foreign guests to Druskininkai from the Writers Club, Vilnius, K.Sirvydo 6.
20.00  Dinner. Café “Širdelė” in Druskininkai.

October 5.
8.30 Departure of participants from Vilnius, Lithuanian Writers‘ Union, K.Sirvydo 6.
11.00 Registration of participants. Druskininkai, Centre Dainava, Maironio St. 16.
13.13 Lessons in creative writing at Atgimimo and  Senamiesčio High Schools (parallel).
13.30 Opening of the festival. Discussion: Eldorado round the corner: near and remote in literature. Dainava, Main Hall.
16.00 Coffee break.
16.30 Readings by young Lithuanian poets. Moderator Agnė Žagrakalytė. Dainava, Main Hall.
19.00 Poetry readings and auction of poets’ manuscripts. Dainava, Main Hall.
21.30 Night of one poem. Café „Širdelė“.

October 6. Saturday
11.00 Poetic performances in Dainava courtyard: The Oriental Bazaar.
14.00 Presentation of DPF anthology and other books. Dainava Main Hall. Mini Book Fair in the Dainava Library.
16.00 Chamber readings by Lithuanian poets. Centre Dainava Small Hall.
19.00 Final poetry evening. Presentation of the Jotvingiai Prize and other prizes.  Centre Dainava, Main Hall.
21.00 Poetry night: competitions and performances. Centre Dainava restaurant.

October 7. Sunday
12.00   Departure to Vilnius.
18.00* Readings by DPF guests and winners of prizes. St. Catherine’s Church. Vilnius, Vilnius St. 30.

Anonymous Competitions:
Of one poem;
of “Travel Song”;
Humorous: “My Native Drink”.

DPF Board of Experts:
Kornelijus Platelis (Chairman), Antanas A. Jonynas (Vice-Chairman), Andrius Mosiejus (treasurer), Gerardo Beltrán (Mevico), Gintaras Bleizgys, Vladas Braziūnas, Erika Drungytė, Leszek Engelking (Poland), Antanas Gailius, Sigitas Geda, Liudvikas Jakimavičius, Donaldas Kajokas, Laurynas Katkus, Kerry Shawn Keys, Liana Ruokytė, Zenonas Streikus, Marijus Šidlauskas, Ričardas Šileika, Antanas Šimkus, Alvydas Šlepikas, Jonas Zdanys, Agnė Žagrakalytė.

Asociation „Druskininkai Poetic Fall”, Lithuanian P.E.N Centre, Centre „Dainava”.

Fund for Support Culture and Sports; Ministry of Culture of the Lithuanian Republic; American Centre; Cervantes Institute; the Embassy of Spain; the Embassy of Portugal; Goethe Institute; Llenyddiaeth Cymru Dramor/ Welsh Literature Abroad; Polish Institute in Vilnius; AB “Alita”; Centre “Dainava”; Druskininkai Municipality; weekly “Literatūra ir menas”; “Drusva”; “Druskininkų Rasa.”

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Poetinis Druskininkų Ruduo / Druskininkai Poetic Fall