The International Literary Festival Druskininkai Poetic Fall (Poetinis Druskininkų ruduo) takes place in Druskininkai and Vilnius at the beginning of October every year. The event consists of discussions, poetry readings, and poetry contests. The aim of the festival is to present Lithuanian poetry to international audience and to present poetry written in other languages to Lithuanian audience, to establish international links between authors, readers and publishers. The 20th DPF festival of 2009 will be held with the 5th World Haiku Association Conference and will be devoted to the short forms in poetry. We plan to invite around 20 haiku poets from Japan, 30 from other countries and 50 from Lithuania. We are going to publish our annual anthology of the festival and the Lithuanian Haiku Anthology to the event. We plan to organize traditional WHA Haiku contests and traditional anonymous DPF contests on spot.


September 30, Wednesday
Arrival of participants. Accommodation at the Congress Hotel.
19.00. Welcome dinner.

October 1, Thursday

10.00. Guided sightseeing tour in Vilnius.
13.00. Lunch
15.00. The 5th World Haiku Association Conference. Lithuanian Writers’ Union. K. Sirvydo 6.
18.00. Haiku readings.
20.00. Dinner.

October 2, Friday
9.00 Departure to Druskininkai.
11.00 Registration of participants. Druskininkai, Centre Dainava, Maironio St. 16.
13.00. Lunch.
13.00 Lessons in creative writing at Atgimimo and Ryto High Schools (parallel).
13.30 Opening of the festival. Discussion: Short forms in Eastern and Western poetry. Dainava, Main Hall.
16.00 Coffee break.
16.30 Haiku readings. Dainava, Main Hall.
18.00. Dinner.
19.00 Haiku readings. Dainava, Main Hall.
21.30 Night of one poem. Café „Širdelė“.

October 3, Saturday
9.00 – 10.00 Breakfast.
11.00 Haiku readings on Liškiava Castle Hill.
13.00. Lunch.
14.00 Presentation of DPF anthology, of the Lithuanian haiku anthology and other poetry books. Dainava Main Hall. Mini Book Fair in the Dainava Library.
16.00 Chamber readings by Lithuanian poets. Centre Dainava Small Hall.
18.00. Dinner.
19.00 Final poetry evening. Presentation of the Jotvingiai Prize and other prizes. Centre Dainava, Main Hall.
21.00 Poetry night: competitions and performances. Centre Dainava restaurant.

October 4, Sunday
10.00 Departure to Vilnius.
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Free time in Vilnius.
17.00 Readings by DPF guests and winners of prizes. St. Catherine’s Church. Vilnius St. 30.
20.00 Dinner. Closing of the Festival.

October 5. Monday
Departure of participants.
17.00 After-festival poetry readings in Užupis Café. Republic of Užupis.

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Poetinis Druskininkų Ruduo / Druskininkai Poetic Fall